3 Proverbs for you

"It was the last straw that broke the camel's back."

There is a limit to everything. We can load the camel with
lots of straw, but finally it will be too much and the
camel's back will break. And it is only a single straw that
breaks its back - the last straw. This can be applied to
many things in life. People often say "That's the last
straw!" when they will not accept any more of something.

"Bad news travels fast."

"Bad news" means news about "bad" things like accidents,
death, illness etc. People tend to tell this type of news
quickly. But "good news" (passing an exam, winning some
money, getting a job etc) travels more slowly.

"You can't take it with you when you die."

When we die we leave everything on earth. We don't take
anything with us. Even the richest people cannot take their
money with them after death. This proverb reminds us that
some material things are not really so valuable as we think.



  1. فروغ خانم گرامی این مطلب زیبا را خوشبختانه همسرم برایم ترجمه کردو منهم لذت بردم بویژه از این قسمت که سنگینی آخرین بار کمر شکن است . . . و آخری هم همان حکایت بهلول خودمان است که خواسته بود دستانش را از تابوت بیرون بگذارند تا مردم بدانند که کسی مال دنیا را با خود نمیتواندببرد

  2. هر سه ضرب النثل جالب بود ...اولی برای من جدید بود , اون دو تا رو شنیده بودم ولی خوب نمی دونستم معادل انگلیسی شون اینطوره ! سپاس نازنین ...

  3. مرسی از حضورت. شاد باشی

  4. خوشحالم كه آهنگ باب ميلت بود
    و مرسي از تو به خاطر اين پست و بالا بردن سطح سواد من :)لفط كردي


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